Sunday, August 2, 2009

"PATPONG" -: the World's sex circus'(Friday 23-12-2005)

Bangkok is a city of extremes and also one of the World's cheapest economy tourist destinations.Bangkok city has some of the World's worst gangsters and shadowy "arms traders" mingling amidst religious Buddhist monks and tourists , comprising of "budget backpackers" and "billionaire jet-setters", a city that accommodates all types .
"PATPONG"- the word is uttered in hushed secrecy amongst "family tourists" and jarringly amongst the "Backpacker tourists", ultimately, all wanting to explore this unique and much debated "SIN MALL" of the world.Historically, "Patpong" is named after the original Thai-Chinese owners "Patpong" who purchased 4 acres of former "BANANA PLANTATION LAND" in 1946 which later, thanks to the "Vietnam War" in 1960's and American G.I patronage,gradually transformed itself into the present day sex paradise.Akin to Mumbai's infamous "Kamatipura" red light locality, "Patpong" is also "ILLEGAL" as prostitution is officially not legalized in Thailand.
On my "Backpacker tour of "Hongkong-Bangkok" in 2005 i decided to explore the sin locality of "Patpong" in Bangkok and view a first hand account of the "Original circus sex industry". I was residing at the "Burappa Hotel" in downtown Bangkok, a economy budget hotel , besides, they also organized a lot of package tours to various locations of Thailand by "Mini-vans', convenient and reasonably priced "Package tours". On Friday(23-12-2005) at approximately 2030hrs I caught a "taxi" outside my hotel and was taken to "Patpong" locality and was surprised to find it a decent area, clean , with no "Sex Advertisements" like "Red-Lights" or harassing pimps and street walkers, the common public image of a "Brothel Locality" as in my home-city , Mumbai's infamous "Kamatipura". I paid the cab driver and he guided me to one of the "Sex Clubs",a totally non-descriptive building, drab and shabby making me wonder if it was worth the 800Baht(Rs 900[2005 ex/ rates]) that i had paid as entrance, since "conning" by "sex clubs" is as common as day and night.
Entered the "club" and was directed to the 1st floor, entering a small hall with a performing "center stage" akin to a "drama theater", the front rows and the entire floor space filled with tourists, both "Couples" as well as singles.A pint of beer was served to every customer and i took my seat at the last row of tables and funnily none of the tourists,both, men and women were ashamed of being seen in this "Sex Club", manny of them ,from conservative India and very "Hep" .The show began with a young boy and girl performing various "sex acts" on the "Poles" to the sound of recorded music. Next, there was a "Sex Circus", with the "Sexual Copulation acts" being performed on "Trapeze wires" with unbelievable "Kamasutra Positions". The grand finale was a series of demonstrations of the flexibility of the "vagina" by a girl who shot darts using a "pea-shooter tube" inserted in her "vagina" with accurate aim and burst some balloons, akin to "air-gun target shooting"! I had seen the women based play "Vagina Monologues" in Mumbai city and was embarrassed at women actresses speaking in public about the womens "vagina's", but, the "Patpong" practical demonstration of the "Vagina" and "Penis" by "Sex Stars"was something worth the travel and money, a freak show. The entire "Sex circus show" lasted about an hour and i finally departed to my hotel at approximately 2230 hrs, thoroughly upgrading my knowledge of "practical sex", although i considered myself a 'Casanova" at age 45 having toured the "World of Sex". I recommend every couple or visitor to Bangkok to take a tour of the "Patpong Sex Show", a decent sex concert with an education of the most common human ailment,"Sexual Gratification".Tragically, " World Economic apocalypse 2008-09" seems to have affected all the World's "Red Light Areas" including booming "Patpong" and a recent article in July-2009 edition of "Time Magazine" stated that some "Pole dance Bars" of Patpong received just 3 customers a day! Ultimately, "RECESSION" has effected even the "World Sex Industry", with "Sex Workers" also becoming redundant.